Future Husband is an international, contemporary performance collective from the US, New Zealand, Mexico and Australia. They are an eclectic mix of artists from various backgrounds including dance, theatre, poetry, performance and visual art who attempt to look at theatricality through the frame of conceptualism. Their work combines these disciplines and anything else that makes their heads turn. Sometimes they tell stories, sometimes they don’t. They have a lot of questions. They need to call their Moms more often.

Future Husband is Julia Croft (NZ), Eli Steffen (US), Casey Jordan (US), Leah Donovan (AU) and Natasha Barhedia (MX).

...George Orwell was right
George Orwell was wrong
The sound approaching was the four horseman heralding our demise
The galloping in the distance was the L train. There were no seats. we had to stand all the way to union square.
We had two children and moved to New England
we stayed in New York
We smashed the patriarchy
We dismantled an ikea bed
We developed an universal language
We tried and failed to communicate
There were earthquakes
There were stability
There was WWIII
There was sticks and stones
There was peace
There was never a hover board
There was never a flying car
The banks all failed
The banks all succeeded
The Zombie apocalypse arrived
The Zombie apocalypse did not arrive
We sat on a beach somewhere in Mexico with fresh fish and a beer
We sat on a beach somewhere in Mexico with a beer and fresh fish
we changed the world
We changed our internet provider
we changed our mind
It kept going
It stopped
It broke down
it changed
it is the same
it is the future
It is not the future
— Excerpt of Wake by Future Husband

Diego Larrull Photography